Voice Overs

Alyse Nicole is an incredibly talented, gifted and effervescent Voice Over Artist, as well as “character” actor for innumerable personas.  She has been blessed with the ability to flawlessly capture the essence of a child at a fair, a cantankerous man, a comic book superhero, an adolescent boy, an obnoxious valley girl, an angry father and a British fairy godmother, all in one take…and all dialoging with each other!  Alyse Nicole’s exuberance for acting, comedic timing, character animation and skill set tapping into the personalities and idiosyncrasies of others, is timeless and simply amazing.

Commercials and Infomercials

Commercials and Infomercials are also wonderful aspects of Alyse Nicole’s amazing voice over abilities.  From chocolate to hot dogs, makeup to perfume, restaurants to universities, Alyse can, and will, cover them ALL beautifully.  She leaves the listener longing for more, and impacts a viewer who is watching corresponding videos, with extreme excitement and intrigue for businesses, services and products being advertised.

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Commercial Voiceover Demo (Comedic)

Animation Voiceover Demo

*No need to rent a studio – Alyse Nicole has access to her own highly professional voice over studio!

Alyse Merritt