Tree of Life Bible (TLV) Nationally Aired Commercial on Daystar TV


Michelle Gold – Kickstarter

Join Michelle Gold’s Shalom (peaceful) Revolution by becoming a Gold Partner and helping her bring the gift of hope and salvation to the world – Tikkun Olam! Please visit Michelle’s website at and follow the link to join her Kickstarter campaign and help support her upcoming album!


Tree of Life Messianic Family Bible (TLV) Commercial

Check out the Tree of Life Messianic Family Bible (TLV) New Covenant. At this moment in history, already a dozen Messianic Jewish PhDs have created a fresh translation of the 27th Nestle Aland Greek Testament. This collaborative and vetted translation is a modern day miracle in scholarship! To order a wonderful TLV Bible online, visit


Tampa Skyline Timelapse

Take a brief moment to enjoy Tampa’s evening skyline and watch this creative time lapse we filmed one evening!


Kneel United – It’s Time

A brilliant young man by the name of Jake Kennedy has a vision for the youth of this nation – that they would become on fire and passionate about God and pray our cities back to Him again! Jake’s annual events encourage us all to stand together in faith and “Kneel United” in prayer! For more updates on these events visit


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