• We live in an age where the antagonist (or anti-hero) rules, where the “bad guy” is portrayed as a cool, not because he is good, but because he lives on the edge, goes against the grain, and is often times rebellious. He reaps not what he sows, but is depicted as impervious, immortal, cunning, and as one who gets what he wants, despite hurting others along the way. This new, cool, “good guy” doesn’t play by the rules, or live by a moral standard, yet somehow the viewer justifies his behavior, especially in films depicting him as a theif, bank robber, adulterer, or worse.

    The allure of his charm, charisma and good looks subtly lulls the masses, and wrong slowly seems to become right and right starts to become relative. Ultimately, there are no consequences for sin or Godless choices. Bad has now been glorified as good, exciting, and appealing to watch. A deluge of expletives is the norm, and leading men are no longer the upright, integral heroes we once knew them as (nor are their leading lady counterparts).

    Where did we go wrong? When did the lines between right and wrong become so blurred? When did the film industry lose its drive toward a moral standard? Tune into this exciting, creative and unique portrayal of Samson and find out what makes this Biblical film different than others!

  • Title: Samson

    Starring: Jeffrey Scallon, Alyse Nicole Merritt, H. Samuel Santiago,
    Dr. D. Michael Michael, Gary T. Nolan

    Directed by Jeffrey Scallon
    Screenplay by Rick Shorrock and Jeffrey Scallon
    Produced by Tender Shoot Films
    Cinematography by Rick Shorrock and John Merritt
    Editing by Jeffrey Scallon and Alyse Nicole Merritt
    Production Company: Tender Shoot Films
    Running Time: 70 minutes
    Release Date: 2012
    Country: USA
    Format: DVD (NTSC)
    Languages: English
    Closed Captions: English
    Rating: Family Friendly
    Public Performance Rights: Tender Shoot Films

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