Founders & Producers John Merritt and Alyse Nicole

John grew up in a conservative, God-fearing home in upstate New York, where he was the oldest of eight children. His father was a hard-working minister for a local congregation, and his mother was a loving, devoted woman who homeschooled all her children until they were eighteen years of age. It wasn’t until John was nineteen, when the Biblical teachings he heard his entire life, and prayers he prayed daily, almost ritually, finally culminated into a true understanding and personal relationship with God, through His Messiah, Jesus. Since then, John’s love for film-making, and excellent technical skills, inspired him to make “Movies with a Message.”  John has filmed a majority of Tender Shoot’s Films as well as provided skilled technical editing, especially where effects were needed.

Alyse Nicole was born and raised in a Jewish home in northern Jersey, Bat Mitzvah’d at thirteen, and attended Hebrew school, Hebrew High School (and synagogues) her entire life. At the age of twenty, however, Alyse had a supernatural, life-transforming experience, when someone shared the message of God’s love with her, explaining that Yeshua (Jesus), was and is, her Jewish Messiah. Since then, Alyse has had many other dramatic experiences and has devoted herself to prayer and in depth studies of the Scriptures, which confirmed the truth of Yeshua to her heart.  Alyse Nicole has written, directed, produced, as well has been general editor (over 7,000 hours worth!) of all Tender Shoot’s Films, with the exception of Samson.

The goal of Tender Shoot Films is to endeavor to reach both Jew and non-Jew with the amazing message of God’s love and saving grace.

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